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How manufacturers respond to the continued downturn in the lighting industry

  First of all, all unrealistic illusions should be abandoned, to have the psychological preparation to fight a protracted war. The market is by no means only the immediate downturn, there may be a continued downturn in the future. The only way to survive is to change and strengthen.

  Secondly, in the face of the current situation of the market downturn, according to their own situation to actively respond, through rational analysis, scientific planning, do not rush to the doctor. Neither can throw a blind move, nor can you be afraid of things, and wait for death by fate.

  Third, the lighting stores should increase support to tide over the difficult times. Never again the mouth benefit but not to the reality, to combine the local market situation, and business joint investment in the operation of the promotion, together with the boat. Merchants have confidence, the store has a future.

  Fourth, the use of the market downturn for energy storage. In the store site selection, decoration and accessories, brand selection, product mix and display display, etc., to optimize in due course. Personnel, to adjust internal training, change the mindset of active marketing.

  Fifth, do more to improve the rate of store visits and turnover. Through the optimization of product mix, improve the cost performance and service quality, in-depth market segmentation research and targeted promotions to obtain a competitive advantage with precision.

  Finally, we should pay attention to resource integration and try to graft quality resources for my use to create maximum value. You can form an alliance with the same industry or different industries to improve the fighting power and risk resistance.

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