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The problem and development of patio lights

  Not easy to enter the garden lighting market. On behalf of the new light source garden lights lighting products can be applied not only in the road, landscape lighting, but also in the field of television, automotive, indoor lighting, etc. The application field is very wide, and low-carbon energy-saving has been accepted by the public. But for many fledgling domestic garden lights, it may look beautiful. Still lack of industry standards, on the other hand, foreign garden lights giants involved, hoping to get some market share in the current market environment is not easy.
  In order to open up the situation, many enterprises of garden lights seize the domestic market at the same time, but also actively participate in overseas competition. According to a garden light, the head of the enterprise, the company's products have been exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, as well as exports in the international market to establish a good image of the Chinese garden light enterprises. However, the garden light industry in the development of the exposed problems can not be ignored.
  First, the lack of core technology. The core technology of garden lights is mainly the structure of the epitaxial growth control, chip design and manufacturing process, the core technology is monopolized by a few large enterprises overseas and their own patent protection, led garden lights technology development in China is very passive, garden lights products uniformly low level for a long time, and a situation of vicious competition.
  Second, the enterprise of garden lights. At present, the number of domestic garden light enterprises, but the scale of development is uneven, some small enterprises because of the lack of research and development intensity, low product, relying on low price competition, is not conducive to the development of light industrial gardens in China.
  Third, the key raw materials and equipment can not be self-sufficient. At present, the garden light industry chain, the main equipment and instruments, key raw materials, accessories, silicone, epoxy encapsulation of high-performance imports, such as basic and the price is very high. In the long run, it will inevitably lead to high product costs and lack of market competitiveness.
  Fourth, the garden light lighting product standards lag behind and cannot meet the needs of the application and market. Large garden light enterprise product standards at the current stage in China mainly in Europe and the United States standards as a reference, and several small companies more confusing, thus leading to uneven product quality garden lights, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the domestic garden light industry. Jieyao lighting equipment factory of various lighting equipment, do a very good job.

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