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Solar street light winter two important principles

   First of all, we are concerned about the luminous efficiency of the light source of the solar street light. Although the solar street light luminous efficiency has been significantly improved, but there are still some manufacturers for their own interests using poor quality lamp beads to do light source. The use of such solar street lights not only lighting brightness can not reach and the service life of solar street lights is also very short seriously affects people's travel. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a solar street light with good light efficiency when applying solar street lights in winter.  
     Secondly, in order to improve the quality of solar street lighting, the battery should ensure that the battery has sufficient power storage capacity in winter. As the light received by solar street lights in winter is reduced, many batteries do not have the capacity to store energy and discharge particularly fast, resulting in solar street lights not reaching the required lighting time. Therefore, in the winter solar street light application of the battery also affects the quality of solar street light lighting. Solar street light is through the solar photovoltaic panels in the daytime to absorb solar heat, and through the controller will be stored in the battery, when the night comes or lighting around the light is below a certain value, the battery through the controller to the light source power supply, even if a week of cloudy and rainy days can also be normal lighting, with green, energy saving, environmental protection, renewable and other characteristics.  
     Among the lamps and lanterns for solar energy applications, LED lamps are suitable for different power output through pulse width adjustment. Limit the pulse width or limit the current at the same time, the duty cycle of the entire output of the LED lights to adjust, for example, a single 1W LED 7 string 5 and a total of 35W LED lights, discharging at night, you can adjust the power of the late night and early morning hours respectively, such as late night adjustment to 15W, early morning adjustment to 25W, and lock the current, so that can meet the whole night lighting, but also to save the cost of battery panels, battery configuration. Battery configuration costs. The long-term test proves that the LED lights with pulse width adjustment mode, the heat generated by solar street lights is much smaller and can extend the service life of LEDs.

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