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Solar garden lights bring you a new experience of energy saving!

  Solar garden light is a new type of lighting products with solar radiation energy, solar garden light main components include: solar garden light controller, solar garden light battery components, led bulbs, long life lithium battery, aluminum / stainless steel lamp pole. Solar garden lights use solar panels to charge the battery of the garden lights when the sunlight irradiation conditions are abundant, and the battery of the solar garden lights can supply power to the light source of the garden lights at night when there is no sun. Solar garden lights do not require complex and expensive pipeline laying, you can adjust the layout of the garden lights at will according to the actual use of the situation. Solar garden lights have a number of advantages, such as safety and energy saving, and will not produce atmospheric pollution. The solar garden light uses an intelligent control system in the charging and switching process, and the power is switched on and off fully automatically through light control, so the whole process does not require manual operation.

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